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Moving Forward Are You With Us?

Pulling MEIAR into the future, adding member benefits, and advocating for you has been a few key focuses of the Board of Directors agenda since 2020. From more networking opportunities, more communication, education for new members, updating policies, staying in compliance with NAR, more volunteer opportunities, more community involvement, and the advertising campaign You Need a Professional. 

These key pieces of the Board of Directors plan have come full circle and we are proud to introduce the next step for MEIAR as we continue forward, with no intension of slowing in 2022. MEIAR is implementing an all-new association management software system. The new system will benefit members and ensure MEAIR staff can work more efficiently freeing up time to create more programs that benefit our members. 

Below is a few of the high priority benefits MEIAR welcomes with the new software.

  • Software includes a completely redesigned and user-friendly website
  • Staff will be able to create monthly and yearly billings more rapidly
  • Members will be able to pay their monthly or yearly bill online
  • Affiliates will have several opportunities to advertise on the new website
  • Members will have access to the info hub anytime, anywhere with the mobile app
  • Members can look up event calendars, personal profiles, online forums/chats through the info hub
  • MEIAR will be able to provide more statistics to the membership
  • Searchable, customized membership directories

We are very excited to continue to update the new website with useful information for you and your clients. 


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